Publication of a themed PCCP issue


PCCP will publish a forthcoming high-profile themed issue entitled "Kinetics in the Real World". This will be the official issue of the international Bunsentagung 2018 on the same theme organised by the Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft (DBG), which takes place 10-12 May 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

From elementary reactions to complex mechanisms, reaction kinetics is vital to understand and predict the behaviour and development of reactive systems. Progress is being made in experimental observations and techniques to identify reactive intermediates, charge carriers, clusters and nanoscale products even in unusual or hostile environments, in theoretical chemistry to understand the reactivity and the dynamic evolution of the system down to the smallest scales in space and time, and in computer simulation to design and optimize processes and devices or to derive likely scenarios for the future. With this background, the themed issue focuses specifically on the insight and guidance that may be expected from understanding fundamental reaction kinetics to address and solve real-world problems, including all variants of kinetics for industrial applications.

We invite you to submit a manuscript of original, unpublished research with a focus on the above topics, in line with the scope and standards of PCCP. The deadline for submissions is the 17th November 2017. Articles can be uploaded via our online submission system.

We would be grateful if, when requested upon submission, you would be able to mention that your manuscript is intended for this themed collection. To be suitable for publication in PCCP, articles must include significant new insight into physical chemistry.

We hope that you will be able to contribute to this exciting themed issue of the international Bunsentagung 2018.